I Love My Shape-Ups!

September 30, 2009

My walking buddy and I have been wearing our Sketchers Shape-Ups for about a month and a half now while we do our walk. We are sure they are making a difference in our bodies. Our pants are loose and our legs look better than they have in a long time! We are having fun, too! Renee Moilanen wrote an article With new workout fashions, fitness is on a roll about these various shoes for working your body that was in the Long Beach Press-Telegram and I see it is on the web multiple times as well! I don’t know about not going to the gym to workout because I do that, too. Actually, it is sometimes interesting to wear these shoes as I work out in the gym because my balance point is different. I think it’s fun! On momlogic.com there is a blog about Shape-Ups. Here is the Sketchers website info. walking.org likes them, too!

I love my Sketchers Shape-Ups! I feel my posture is better. I know my butt and legs have felt the work-out and I think they are looking much better – just in the month and a half or so that I’ve been wearing them. I try to walk 3+ miles 3 times a week. People have also commented about my weight loss – but I have been watching what I eat so to lose the weight as well. The shoes are fun to wear. I wear them all day long. I even work out in the gym with them – gives a whole new balance act performance. I would recommend them to anyone trying to get a few more calories wrung out while going through their busy day.


What Grandchildren Remember

September 29, 2009

The grandparents.com website has a great article here on starting new family traditions. Remember what your favorite things to do were with your grandparents? Create some memories now with your grandchildren!

Share your memories on this page!

San Diego Zoo Panda Cub at 8 Weeks

September 28, 2009

The San Diego Zoo’s now 8-week-old panda cub is starting to open his eyes. From the zoo website: “Meg Sutherland-Smith, D.V.M. said the cub’s left eye is beginning to open, and he squinted when she used a small flashlight to test his vision. The 4th veterinary exam also revealed that the cub’s right ear is opening, although Dr. Sutherland-Smith says the 5.7-pound (2.73-kilogram) cub is likely not hearing sounds yet, only feeling vibrations.”

baby panda video of his fourth exam at San Diego Zoo. His other visits are available on the same site below the video. Here is the live video cam from the panda enclosure. Fun posts and pictures are on the Panda Blog!

October 1-31 is Free Kids Days at the zoo! During the month of October, children (ages 3–11) enjoy FREE admission to the San Diego Zoo and the Wild Animal Park!

San Diego Zoo
Current Hours (through October 4):
9 a.m.–6 p.m.

Fall Hours (October 5–December 10):
9 a.m.–5 p.m.
Book Fair – October 9–12; Huge selection of books and new titles during the Fall Book Fair at the San Diego Zoo and Wild Animal Park.
All About Enrichment Weekend – October 10 and 11; Keeper talks and fun activities for our animal residents will be held throughout each day.

Wild Animal Park
Current Hours (through November 20):
9 a.m.–5 p.m.
Book Fair – October 9–12 Huge selection of books and new titles during the Fall Book Fair at the San Diego Zoo and Wild Animal Park.
Pumpkins at the Park – October 17, 18, 24, 25, and 31; November 1 The Park is transformed into a safe, family friendly Halloween adventure!

Daredevil World Record Motorcycle Jump

September 27, 2009

Daredevil Ryan Capes successfully jumped 316 feet between metal ramps with his motorcycle in Reno, NV, as part of the Street Vibrations celebration. First he broke the world record of 252 feet with 287 feet. Then he did a second jump to try to clear 300 feet, his stated goal to the crowd. Here are the Reno Gazette-Journal front page story, sports page story, photo and video. Our Grandson Austin totally LOVES motorcycles! Lots of grandparents and parents were at the ramp jump with their grandkids and kids. In the RGJ front page article, Frank Greenwood of Reno brought his granddaughter to watch the attempt. He explained the dangers involved on the drive over to the Grand Sierra Resort and is quoted as saying: “She [granddaughter] has already asked me about the possibility, and I explained to her just how dangerous this would be. So she understands.”

The event celebrated the grand opening of the Xtreme Sports Bar + Lounge located inside the Grand Sierra Resort. Some estimated the crowd to be more than 20,000 people, to make this event the largest held at the resort ever.

Plumas Art Gallery Features Carole Hale

September 26, 2009

Western Artist Carole Hale is one of the featured artists this month at the Plumas Arts Gallery on 372 Main Street in Quincy, CA. The show opened last night during the annual Girls Night Out in Quincy. We enjoyed visiting with the artist – who is Grandpa Ron’s sister! See her website here. If you are in the Quincy neighborhood (Northern California) do stop by to see her digital color “Fauxtography” in person during the month of October.

A New Family Hobby – Birdwatching!

September 25, 2009

Birdwatchingnow.com is a great site to learn all about birdwatching. They blogged a great article about birdwatching as a family hobby. From birdwatchingnow.com: Bird watching is growing in popularity as a hobby that gets people outdoors and increases appreciation of nature, as well as being a great stress reliever. This blog will help you to be equiped with all you need to enjoy this great recreational pastime. Also, here is an article explaining the ten steps to identify a bird from the Duncraft.com Wild Bird Blog.

Another Bear Bird Feeder Story

September 24, 2009

Here’s another “bear experience” worth reading – from the Duncraft facebook page.

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